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Like a doctor, you know that medical monitors would be the heart of almost all patient procedures. Previously, there have been numerous kinds of medical monitors, each using their own specific function.

Today’s DICOM Monitor can measure many parameters at the same time, and may also be used to see digital medical images too. While such cutting-edge technologies have typically been from achieve for basically the biggest medical facilities, today a DICOM viewer with monitoring abilities can be bought at prices beginning under $5000.

Time-Tested and Familiar Technology

Medical monitors from DICOM derive from exactly the same technology that underlies the workings of the standard LCD computer monitor that you employ in your own home. The main difference is the fact that a DICOM monitor offers much greater resolution they’re also engineered with redundant systems in case of power failure or any other error, to ensure that someone isn’t put into danger unnecessarily.

DICOM viewers also extend the part and capacity of medical monitors. Additionally to allowing nurses and doctors to keep an eye on patients’ BP, respiration and so on, a DICOM monitor may be used to examine digitized images taken with MRI, CT, EEG or x-sun rays at very-obvious resolutions. The DICOM web viewer enables any approved employee to see such images within the lan along with the Internet DICOM viewers imply that doctors are now able to consult and collaborate with colleagues at remote locations instantly.


Cutting-edge technology for example digital, multi-function medical monitors have typically been very costly. In 1992, the radiology department in the Ohio Condition College Clinic converted their imaging systems to digital for around more than a quarter-million dollars – which nevertheless has compensated by itself four occasions over. Additionally, OHUMC personnel estimate that using such digital equipment has saved roughly 7000 of physician work-hrs with regards to the time between initial diagnosis and dictation of patient records – an activity that’s been reduced for an average duration of three hrs.